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1853 Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, in Zundert, a village near the Belgian border in North Brabant, where his father was pastor. Vincent was the eldest of six children.

On 1 May 1857 , the birth of his brother Theo , who was the only one to appreciate Vincent and his work. Through its financial assistance he gave Vincent the opportunity to devote himself to painting . Vincent wrote to Theo frequently . This correspondence was published ( Wereldbibliotheek , Amsterdam).
On 30 July 1869 , Vincent started as an apprentice at the Goupil House in The Hague , publisher of prints and art dealer . One of his uncles had founded this house. Before there was photographic reproductions , they made woodcuts and lithographs after the famous paintings. This resulted in a trade, where relations with Goupil of Paris and other branches.
1873-1876 Vincent is used successively at Goupil's , London, Paris , London and yet again in Paris . Following difficulties with his superiors , he is removed from office . During these years he was overly religious and studied the Bible with great zeal .
1876 Vincent became coach at a school in Ramsgate , England, then in Isleworth , near London.
1877 He worked for a few months in a bookshop in Dordrecht (Holland). This is when he makes his desire to be a pastor like his father. To be admitted to the University , he must pass an examination. To prepare , he is staying with an uncle in Amsterdam.
1878 study of Latin and Greek do not give him any satisfaction. He wants to do something for men and interrupted his studies . For three months, he will follow the course of a mission school in Brussels. Then he gets a mission in the Borinage mining district in southern Belgium.
1879 Vincent is a bad preacher, but a dedication to patients. As always, he exaggerates , he made a gift of his clothes to the poor. It sleeps on the floor , and not in a bed . His superiors accused him of zeal and it is dismissed .
1880 Became aware of his vocation as an artist , he began to draw, Theo gives his support. 1881 Vincent worked first in Brussels. After an unhappy love he settled in The Hague.
1882 The Hague, he devoted himself primarily to design, but also begins to paint. For some time it has companion a woman he wants to lead on the right path , but he was forced to give it up. In Autumn 1883 , Vincent went to Nieuw- Amsterdam, in the Province of Drenthe. Loneliness overwhelms him and he takes refuge in his father's house in Nuenen ( near Eindhoven in North Brabant ) .
1884 Those were very difficult years , his work and his character was not appreciated at home. His parents also suffered from their presence if disagree with the atmosphere of the presbytery. Vincent painted still lifes, landscapes and especially peasants. He was represented in the workplace and their portraits. 1885 After the death of his father , Vincent went to Antwerp. There follows the course of the Academy where he is accused of not knowing draw, when he had already painted the " Potato Eaters ".
Suddenly in 1886 , he moved to Paris where he joined Théo for two years. Theo also had a situation at Goupil , first in Brussels and The Hague, and now Paris . He tried to reveal to the public the Impressionist painters hitherto unknown and more famous so late . Vincent had painted in Holland with very dark tones. Following contacts with the Impressionists , his palette lightens .
Tired of the big city in 1888 , Vincent share in the south of France and moved to Arles. He painted some of his large canvases with intense colors. He dreams of establishing a colony of painters in his " Yellow House ". Through Theo, Paul Gauguin can travel and just live with Vincent. Their two characters, equally violent , were quickly disagree. Following a quarrel, Vincent had to be collected in the hospital and Gauguin left Arles. 1889 Vincent health forced him to heal , and voluntarily, it will go to the Saint- Paul asylum in Saint -Rémy -de -Provence. Periods where it feels good , he continues to paint , sometimes outside , sometimes in his room. Many times, he painted the view from his window .
1890 Vincent feels normal and leaves the afternoon to review Theo in Paris . The latter is married and has a son. Vincent found some artist friends , and after three days , retired to the countryside. He settled in Auvers -sur -Oise , where he still makes beautiful paintings . On 29 July, Vincent ends his days. Six months later, it is the death of Theo. The two brothers lie one next to the other , the cemetery of Auvers . (Notes provided by Van Gogh MVW ) Excerpt from exhibition catalog " Vincent Van Gogh " 1957 in Marseille.

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