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List of products by artist Les Guallino

Anne Poiré and Patrick Guallino said the Gallino. The Guallino exhibit regularly since 1980 in France and abroad.

Probing the empty and full , make the red, yellow and blue in the blaze of the matter, these are the objectives of these most contemporary artists, close to both Art Brut and the new figuration. The Guallino continue to explore the relationship with the world maintained by the painted wood, canvas studded cinders of dreams - for years - to present all angles of the human figure , bodies , faces, the expression with a gesture that rushes and never, it seems , stops. Despite a difficult period - after 68 years - during which Patrick has destroyed all his painted work, the artist returned to the creation , alongside Anne , plunging whole . Constantly combining the volume - their sculptures are essentially two-sided - the plane of the canvas or large panels of wood, bronze space, they offer a variety of exhibitions, sometimes very playful , happy , sometimes retained. Their sculptures , air, fun , colorful , strut front paintings also all light and liveliness. Bob Bolzinger - text appeared for their exposure to Schortgen gallery , Luxembourg , May 2005 -

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item