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List of products by artist Kam Laï

Chinese artist Kam Lai Kam Lai was born in Zhongshan Shekki in the Guangdong region of China. She lives his childhood with his family in Macau.

Kam Lai was born in Zhongshan Shekki in the Guangdong region of China. She lives his childhood with his family in Macau. Primary school at Colegio de Santa Rosa in Macau. In 1986, she moved to Hong Kong with his family. Continued his secondary school in St Paul 's Convent School and participates in the Duke Edinburgh 's Award studies. In 1990, she began to learn drawing and painting at Art Academy Perfect Studio by artist Joseph Cheung . In 1994, she continued her studies in biology at the University of Science and Technology Hong Kong. She teaches visual arts to children and begins to participate in group exhibitions in Hong Kong and Macau. She discovered painting and Western philosophy in the library of the University , particularly attracted by the portraits of Rembrandt. Then , learning calligraphy and Chinese painting by artist painter calligrapher Chui Zhi Hung. Trips to China . In 1997 , she graduated with the Bachelor of Science in biology. Then she worked for a year as a social worker in a nursing home and a year as professeuse visual arts for children in a recreation center. She began to learn French in French Alliance Hong Kong .. In 1999, she spent a one-year stay in Chambery for his studies of French and continues to paint . In 2000, she continued her fine arts studies at the Municipal School of Plastic Arts of Monaco and Nice séjoure . Summers, she teaches visual arts in recreation centers in Hong Kong. In 2001, she stayed in Marseille for his art studies at the École Supérieure des Beaux- Arts de Marseille , painted several series of paintings on the subject of public places of Marseille and Hong Kong, also portraits of children and elderly . When internship Gyptis Theatre, she discovers the French literature and the writings of Samuel Beckett. In 2003, she participated in the ERASMUS exchange for six months the Universität der Künste Berlin, painted a series of paintings of scenes of public places in Berlin. In 2004 , she returned to Marseille, continued his art studies and participated in group exhibitions in Teacher Training College, the School of Commerce of Marseille and Arts Centre Barjols . When occasion she met the host of The House of the Fine Arts Gardanne . She begins to intervene in art workshops at La Maison . She begins to make busts of children and people as a study of ceramic forms volumes for his paintings . 'I began to make a series of clay sculptures . I'm interested in the sculpture is cut and shape with hands to give expressions to the face and restore the gestures in three dimensions. The sculpture is different from painting. By working with your hands, you have a direct contact with the material . Modeling is a work of physical sensation , tangible, palpable. We transfer our ideas and impressions directly to the material. Each key is a drawing. Making sculpture is drawing in volume and work in space .

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Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items