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Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918) was an Austrian Symbolist painter , one of the most influential members of the Vienna Art Nouveau movement . Klimt was a painter of compositions to characters, allegorical subjects , figures, nudes, portraits , landscapes, designer , decorator, painters tapestry , cardboard mosaics, ceramicist , lithographer .

He started as a painter decorator in 1880 . His skill and finesse of its work were quickly recognized and he was given many decorating villas , theaters and public buildings . Thus he decorates the boardroom Sturany Palace in Vienna, then a room Palesch Royal Castle in Romania , as well as the Villa Hermes Lainz , stairs to the Burgtheatrer and those of Kunshistorisches Museum in Vienna in 1895 , at an exhibition in Vienna , he discovered the works of Liebermann , of Félicien Rops , but also Klinger, Böcklin and Rodin. He participated in 1897 in the foundation of the Union of Artists Figurative called the " Secession" , with ten new artists Küntlerhaus . The objective is to reform the artistic life of the time and produce works of art that raise " Austrian art in an international recognition to which he aspires ." The arts must raise awareness and away from any compromise with academicism. This foundation is somehow the answer to the movement "Art Nouveau" in France and " Jugendstil " in Germany that develops . He painted in 1898 the famous painting " Pallas Athena " which brand emancipation Gustav Klimt compared to official art . In 1900, during the seventh exhibition of the " Secession" , Klimt presents his painting entitled " Philosophy ", which is the first of three preparatory paintings with " Medicine " and " Jurisprudence" that had him were commissioned in 1896 to illustrate the ceiling vaults of the Aula Magna, the home of the University of Vienna hall . Violent criticism of the press accuses Klimt outrage teaching and want to pervert the youth. He is accused his erotic paintings too , and there are questions about his mental health and his bouts of depression . Compositions that follow, " Medicine " and " Jurisprudence" wild and amplify criticism. The years 1902-1903 mark a milestone in the work of Klimt, and a period of intense creativity. He began the realization of his "Cycle d'Or" with " Water Serpents ", the " Portrait of Adele Bloch- Bauer I " and " Danaë " . The painting " The Kiss" , which is the most representative of the genius of Gustav Klimt painting, executed in 1905. From 1908 , he left with several of his friends the " Secession" which he said tends to ossify , and he devoted himself to painting landscapes, allegorical scenes , more stylized and colorful which approximates pointillism , as well as portraits. It offers numerous scenes of naked women or erotic poses in extravagant outfits in asymmetrical compositions , without relief and without perspective, rich shimmering ornamentation.

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