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List of products by artist Duchamp

The work of Marcel Duchamp radically upsets the art of the 20th century. With the invention, in ten years, the ready-made - a piece that the artist is "already-made", that is to say, ready-made and selects for its aesthetic neutrality - it paves the way for avant-garde was the most extreme.

All movements that use objects of everyday life , to surprise as Surrealism, to discuss , criticize, or idealize the consumer society as Pop Art and New Realism , or to reconcile art and life as Fluxus , are indebted to him for having violated the academic customs. After Duchamp, the shackles of media traditionally used explodes and it becomes possible to use any object, with or without transformation. The 20th century due to him that the renewal initiative materials used in the art, but also a taste for aesthetic complex issues that lead in the 70 to Conceptual Art . Duchamp is the modern artist who most directly questioned the notion of art - " when there is art " and what is "sufficient to make art ." It falls in line with the artists 'intellectuals' , as Leonardo da Vinci, and ad issues by Joseph Kosuth . Known first as confidential , his works have been widely disseminated from the 60s, when most of the ready-mades, disappeared over its removal or simply destroyed , were reissued . In 1964, Schwartz Gallery in Milan, it indeed offers an edition of 8 copies of his ready -mades . Considering them as originals , since the former had been lost, this episode allows him once again to examine a central concept in the history of art since the original term for a readymade n ' no sense. Duchamp insists sign when for example one of these objects, the Racks , " Marcel Duchamp, Antique certified ."

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item