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A graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris. Michel is passionate HERGIBO quickly for classical art, he regularly attended the Louvre where he copied endlessly UCCELLO, DAVID, CHICK, is enthusiastic about the Italian Renaissance, travel to Pompeii where he copied the frescoes and recognizes BALTHUS for Contemporary Master.

His penchant for the romantic painting also moving towards Delacroix he worships and copy multiple times : Women of Algiers, a table that is constantly obsess became a teacher , he teaches the Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts and Auxerre in Education. This is Guiot Gallery , Avenue Matignon , who offers him to exhibit his first paintings in France and abroad . Gallery Chardin left bank, and Hamon Le Havre , will contribute to the awareness and give him a national and international reputation . Michel HERGIBO then exposed in Belgium , Japan , Tunisia , Holland and Prague. In 1996, he moved to the south, instead of which he had always dreamed of, and met Emilie Guérin , Director of the International Amber Association , becoming his friend. And recognized the outstanding work of the specialist of Contemporary Art confirms the international dimension of Painter . His works are then also permanently visible in Sophia Antipolis, Princess Gallery Kiev to Nice and the PACA region, it is exhibited regularly in Morocco. Resolutely figurative in its infancy, rather classical style, his painting says more informal time with more suggested , never abstract . Michel HERGIBO like to say that the phrase "having a style " has no real meaning. This is the subject and theme that must determine how to paint and not the other , close enough in that of André Derain ideas he admires. "I rate the degree of presence of figuration in painting, based on the results that I set , I would like a painting that balance between what it shows and suggests cache. " It appears to be an example , the painter gradually blink, keeping only the essential, he calls his depths . This is certainly an originality of his painting. It also maintains another passion for African Art , for 11 years , he made 50 monumental works entitled THE AFRICAN , presented in 2006 by the City of Fréjus CAQUOT to ship on an area of 3000 square meters. Since his arrival in the south , the Mediterranean is for him a constant source of inspiration as well as the Loire flowing Orleans, his hometown. The river witnessed in his youth , his joys and his sorrows . For thirty years he painted tirelessly the volume of the fruit, the apple , the roundness symbolizes perfection he finds in his attraction to favorite cities : Orleans, Venice and Barcelona Gaudi and more recently Morocco . We must not forget those he calls his " small characters: Putti , cheerleaders , children on the rides , some female nudes and other secret characters related to his past life. He painted obsessively since the age of 17 , a skull of beef, a few tools. Michel HERGIBO kept classic taste of severe composition , still standing away from trends and fashions . He says that in nature everything is passing , everything is connected , that the reality of the line as the separator between the various forms should always be questioned. He repeated : " I would paint anything" and immediately added without fear of seeming contradiction " my painting is an intimate book where I keep the stories of my life. " " I can only paint themes, topics directly related to my life, those who have thick and whose history intersects mine, my memories of youth, there are important . " It is with caution and modesty that addresses color, long fascinated by gray , certainly from the slate roofs and gray Orléans . Today , his painting is sometimes more colorful , his arrival in the south is the reason, however it continues to control by colored gray : " I'm not an exhibitionist of color." For Michel HERGIBO , the artist must be a good craftsman , a worker who returns to work every morning with regularity and persistence . His studio is a new place each day in which he always questioned the achievements of the previous day.


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